Dimensioners Inc.




Life is about more than dollars and bills. Breaking free from out-dated models and muddled minds we follow our hearts and rainbows, moving beyond the status quo.


A new social enterprise creating limited release fashion items aligning ideas and causes.


Clothes developed and manufactured in-house with reduced environmental impact, fair treatment of all involved, plus exposure and funds for people/pursuits/ideas we dig.


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creating positive social outcomes with minimal environmental impact.


GOTS certified organic tees

rain fed in India

fabric knitted, cut and sewn Melbourne

hand printed and died yardage prints

GOTS cert. soil safe inks


Found & Foraged

some garments utilise surplus, superfluous

and discovered fabrics (not used but saved)


research & development


hemp & cotton fleece sweats

rekindling Australian production

rain water harvesting

eliminating water contamination


cloud dreaming

Ltd. Edt. Prints

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