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Niftie Commute Explainer Video - Manila Deployment (2022)

Strategy, Direction and Scripting

What is MiVote (2018)

Some content and editing

Democratize Me - Fundraising and FB game creation (2018)

Created by thinkerbell

Moreland Civics Lab - Siteworks - Projects We Do Together

Phil & Cassia were part of founding 20 practitioners.

Digital is the disruptor.




Collaboration is the new competition.


A lack of trust is dysfunctional.


Be values driven. Don't want for normal.




To think. To feel.


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Nique, Niftie, Department of Justice (Victoria), Merri-bek Council, Melbourne City Council, Moreland Civics Lab, Siteworks, Projects We Do Together, MiVote, Good Towels, 3 Ravens, Circe Wines, Fallen Giants, Rathbone Winegroup , Xanadu, Mount Langi Ghiran, Yarrabank, Yerring Station,  NMBQ, Joe's Market Garden, Yarra Energy Foundation, Caffe E Cucina, Niccolo Coffee, Instant Rockstar, Breathe Architecture, Carbon Arts, Hub Australia, Tiny House NFP, Killing Time...and lots more !













Series of bars and pop-up spaces at some wonderful cultural events:

Yering Station Wine Bar for Sydney Biennale on Cockatoo Island, incl. wine rack, recycled and up-cycled timber recliners and a neon light installation

Mount Langi Ghiran stand at Melbourne Fodd & Wine Festival, Albert Park

Construction of two wine bars, wine display rack and crate decoration

Xanadu pop-up "disco" winebar made from pallets feat. perspex and LED matched with painted wine barrels with bright glowing tops

Yarrabank sparkling wine space enhancement and hand built wooden recliners utilising recycled timber, courtyard NGV St.Kilda Road




our loose collective of creatives offer intellectual vigour, curiosity and intuitive sense-making to products, platforms, new narratives, services and experiences. Bringing vitality and coherence to messaging, brand building and the spaces within which we gather , you'll feel


 and curio curiosity of 'service provision' we offer vital non-conformist, anti-disciplinary vigour rigour and intellectual and standard notions of service provision, we are collaborative, intuitive, holistic consultancy


bring coherence to messaging, campaigns and platforms; improve product performance - rational and intuitive sense-making, project management, host, workshop and guide.


data and evidence based best-practice.


develop, prototype, integrate and deploy campaigns, processes, materials and methodologies; improved offers support organisational strategies and project plans across products, services, platforms and systems


globally aware & sensitive, crafted offerings feat. spontaneity and high levels of detail.


our passion for research informs all work -as  people, we're explorers harnessing intellectual curiosity and creativity pursuant of expanded knowledge and unifying coherence in delivering sound outcomes.


Unbridled by convention, institutional inertia and outmoded business-models, free from ideology we're hot for fresh ideas - this is not the mainstream.




Be values driven. Don't want for normal.





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